Indigo Storm is a progressive rock/metal band from Lexington, Ky.  Formed in 2017, the band consists of Ryan Slayton on drums, David Dewolfe on bass/vocals, and CJ Jones on guitar/vocals.  Driven by a fascination with the complex rhythm and intricacy found in progressive music, the band blends individual influences to generate the Indigo Storm sound:  primal and passionate - capable of pushing and pulling you on a dark demented ride.  

Having performed alongside artists such as Grammy nominated Nothing More and Platinum artists Bad Wolves and Jackyl, the band’s live performances are palpable. We really enjoy our time together on stage. We want the crowd to feel that – become part of what we’re giving. We want to make an emotional connection that will bring them back for more.”

Catching the attention of Grammy winning producer/songwriter Skidd Mills in Nashville, Indigo Storm joined the Skiddco Music roster in 2019. In February 2020, the band released the first single – “Metric” – from their debut album with Mills. We are very excited about our partnership with Skiddco Music and can’t wait for everyone to hear the new material.” 

Managed by Scott Frazier of Overtone Music Group/10th Street Entertainment and preparing for their first tour, the band is eager to grow their presence organically. “We want to play shows, build our fan base, and keep writing music. We are musical brothers and indigo minds so the future looks promising.”

"We were very, very impressed by them... awesome job guys!"

Jonny Hawkins / Nothing More 09-02-2018

"These young fellas recently turned some heads at a Lexington, KY show, opening for Bad Wolves and Nothing More, and also seem to have released a killer first album! Very unique sound ... imagine some influences like Tool and Alice in Chains. Great stuff. Very mature sound with a nice blend of melodic, sing-along passages, and some definite head-banging heaviness! Highly recommended!"

Dslay / 12-19-2018

"These guys blew me away at the Nothing More/Bad Wolves show in Lex last night. I was not expecting a sound like that from a local band. These guys rocked the house, and I definitely plan on catching their upcoming Louisville show. 🤘"

Kristen Vanover / facebook 09-03-2018

"Indigo Storm started off this super night of music. They are a trio of rockers from central Kentucky. CJ Jones, Ryan Slayton and David DeWolfe and judging from the comments Nothing More front man Jonny Hawkins said about them, they started the night off right!"

Thomas Biggs / Metal Nexus Mag 09-15-2018

"They sound amazing, saw them open for Jackyl Friday night, Awesome fellas great job!!"

J.d. Johnson / facebook 06-30-2019

"EXCELLENT! You guys have the quality and chops of a major label group with ten more years at it. Your lyrics, arrangements, vocals and sheer musicianship is head-bending. Your sense of time and counterpoint is way at the top of the pack. Finally, whoever recorded and mixed these songs "gets it". Very skilled mixes that push the excitement. WELL DONE!"

Craig World / ReverbNation 02-5-2019

"Sounding good guys! Keep at it, we did and look what happened - true story!"

Queensrÿche / ReverbNation 09-27-2018

CJ Jones:  Guitar/Vocals

"The first time I heard Tool was a revelation for me and the start of a relationship with progressive music.”  Other musical influences include Deftones, Alice in Chains, Code Orange, and Led Zeppelin.

Ryan Slayton:  Drums

"I have many musical influences and artists I love to listen to  - Tool, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree - and a list of drummers longer than your arm."

David DeWolfe:  Bass/Vocals

"It's honestly hard to boil down who my band inspirations are, as there are so many. Musicians would be Cliff Burton, Jaco Pastorius, and everyone I've had a musical relationship with whether it is on stage or simply listening to them. I love all music of all kinds."  

Indigo Storm: Cage - released 7/8/20

Indigo Storm: Chatterbox - released 3/24/20

Indigo Storm: Metric - released 2/3/20

Video clip, Indigo Storm Manchester Music Hall

Metric: Behind the scenes

Metric: Lyric video

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Indigo Storm



Phone 1: 606-654-7124

Phone 2: 502-542-0848

Management: Scott Frazier, Overtone Music Group/10th Street Entertainment

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